A Review of Marvel’s Jessica Jones – by Jacob Hurley

Neither Marvel Studios nor Netflix ever seem to disappoint. Netflix pumps out an incredible amount of high quality shows, like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Making a Murderer, and the critically acclaimed show, Marvel’s Daredevil, while Marvel Studios itself consistently puts out blockbuster movies from their beloved franchise. Now, the latest integration of Marvel television is by no means a disappointment. The show stars Krysten Ritter (famous for Breaking Bad) as the show’s main protagonist, Jessica Jones, and British actor, David Tennant (famous for Doctor Who), as the super villain Kilgrave.

The show is about orphan Jessica Jones, who in a car crash where her family was killed, gained the power of super strength. She works as a private investigator, living the New York lifestyle. She’s a sarcastic loner surrounded by her loud upstairs neighbors and the resident junkie. Her life is darkened by her past, not only the death of her family but her time under the total mind control of Kilgrave. As the series begins, she realizes Kilgrave is back and it’s a desperate struggle to stop him before he causes more trauma and devastation.

The show is much darker than anything Marvel has put out in the past. It deals with some really dark issues including drugs, rape, and abuse. Yet these darker issues don’t get in the way of telling the great story. Going by the lawyer’s catechism “the truth lies somewhere between the two extremes”, there are a number of different perspectives the show looks at the events of the plot through, which adds layers to the show. The characters are all well-acted, well-considered, and well-portrayed via solid dialogue.

Yet some of the show’s subplots fall short. One such story that takes up a great deal of time is the generic romance of Jessica’s lawyer associate Jeri Hogarth, whose affair with a young secretary and divorce of her wife takes up a full hour or two of time. The story is unoriginal, boring, and melodramatic, adding nothing to the show other than time that’s just filler. Less awful but still uninteresting plots depict Jessica Jones’ adopted sister dealing with her abusive mother, as well as Jess’s neighbors and their issues. Additionally, the plot seemed a little elongated, where the same thing will happen a few times before the plot moves on. It seems like they have had a solid five or six hour show that they needed to have stretched out into 13 episodes per the netflix tradition.

In general, however, the show is fantastic. The atmosphere is very gothic and excellent. The characters are solid, in-depth portrayals of their comic-counterparts. Aside from the story, the music and cinematography is very fitting for the events. I’d thoroughly recommend the show, even if you’re not a fan of superhero stories.

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