February Vacation Assembly – by Hamza Shahzad

After midterms and three weeks of of school, February vacation is finally here. To wrap up the month, the school hosted an assembly on February 19. What made the event an absolutely historic event, was the fact that it combined the normally split assemblies into one. Instead of having half the school go to one assembly and then the other half later, the school joined together as a big family that day. But not everything was as happy, because it was hard for those who arrived late to find seats and the stands were incredibly cramped. Sophomore Tomas Rodriguez commented on the assembly saying, “It was lit and it’s always normal to be cramped in assemblies so that wasn’t a big problem to me, although, I don’t really like to stand at the assemblies.” The cheerleaders began the assembly with a remarkable performance as did a dancer who performed solo.

Then the games began, and as usual it wouldn’t be a Crusader assembly without musical chairs. Two people from each class joined members of the wrestling team in an intense competition. At the beginning of the blindfolded round, all wrestling members and freshmen were out of the competition. This led to an intense fight between the seniors and juniors, leading one daring senior to go out of his way and assist his classmate in getting to the chair, allowing the seniors to win, yet again.

The assembly quickly moved on to introduce two teams that came out in an amazing fashion. The hockey team had members move out to the middle while two players held their netminder as a king, and those in the middle prostrated before him. After wrapping up the hockey team’s intro, the swimming team came out to the middle holding two of their members in the air, pretending as if they were swimming. The game these two teams were to play was floor hockey, where the hockey and swimming teams would form a team I like to call the swimming hockey team. The swimming hockey team quickly formed a crew for floor hockey against a team of audience members. The swimming hockey team won easily 4-2. To sum up this section, MMHS hockey goaltender Chuck DeGust said, “It was great.”

One of the biggest heroes during this assembly was the DJ, who never failed to play some great music during the competitions and intros for the teams. After the swimming hockey team dominated the audience, the boys and girls basketball teams came out to the middle for a game of knockout. The game was a tad stale, ending in a tie with two players.

And that’s the end of this historic assembly. One full of great music, great plays, and cramped seats. But there is another issue to address at the end of this assembly, which is the senior’s cheating. For most Memorial students, it is a natural outcome of the class system that the school implements. As a student goes from the lowest rank in the school as freshman to a senior, they are taught that in order to keep supremacy as seniors, they must cheat and rig the games for them to win. Is this the society that as a school we’d like to maintain? Why is it that we allow cheating and rigging like this to occur? Isn’t it time that we instill fairness into the system? Maybe, or maybe not either way, “it was lit”.

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