Tropical Day – by Antony Rossi

Today marks the beginning of Memorial Week 2016! Today’s dress up theme was “Tropical Day” where students would dress up in clothing they would wear to the beach, the tropics, and especially Hawaii. Many brightly colored Hawaiian shirts were seen around the halls of Manchester Memorial High School earlier today as freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike celebrated the first day of 2016’s Memorial Week.

This morning started out warm and humid, much like a morning you’d have in the tropics. This was very fitting for today’s theme. The day started out slow but quickly picked up during Memorial Week 2016’s first assembly, which was a “Tropical Luau”.  Students competed in tropical games including a very heated limbo competition and an intense hula hoop match up between the four classes. The “Tropical Luau” assembly finished off strong with the longest conga line I have ever seen which included hundreds of students from all four classes linking up in a burst of school spirit.

Students throughout the day were seen with as little as a lei or as completely decked out in as much tropical attire as they could put on in celebration of today’s theme. Overall, today was a successful first day to Memorial Week and we hope to see much more school spirit in the coming days of Memorial Week 2016. Tomorrow’s theme is “Superheroes Vs Villains” so make sure to dress up as your favorite hero to take down the students that are dressed as their favorite villains!

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