Superheroes Vs. Villains Day – by Antony Rossi


Today was day two of Memorial Week 2016! The theme today was the thrilling “Superheroes Vs. Villains Day”. Students were seen all day donning the attire of their favorite heroes from the DC and Marvel superhero franchises as well as some other heroes from many of our childhood favorite cartoons. Among the student body were numerous Justice League members and countless Avengers in celebration of today’s theme.

Today included our annual “Teachers Vs. Students” assembly. This year however, it was a bit more superheroic than usual considering the theme. One of the highlights from today’s assembly was the dodgeball showdown, between the teachers and students of course. It ended with one of the seniors dressed as Superman duking it out for the win against Ms Guay dressed as Batman in a bit of Batman V Superman action. There was also an epic teacher vs. student dance off in which one of our very own juniors won it all!

On the more hero themed side of the assembly however, there was a superhero costume contest! All of the contestants were decked out in their favorite hero’s super-suit, best of which in my opinion was junior Caleb Pantazis dressed as DC’s very own Aquaman, Trident of Neptune and all! Unfortunately he lost to senior Davin Cross who was dressed as another Justice League member, Superman. Some say the assemblies are rigged, but it’s all in good spirit considering this is Memorial Week after all!

Today was an amazing and superheroic day two to 2016’s  Memorial Week! Today’s theme had a very successful turnout with so many heroes and villains alike walking the halls of MMHS. Tomorrow’s theme is “Mathletes Vs. Athletes”, so make sure to dress up as either a total nerd or a complete jock in spirit of the day!


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