Mathletes Vs. Athletes Day – by Antony Rossi


Today was the “Mathletes Vs. Athletes” theme for Memorial Week 2016! Students were seen throughout the halls of MMHS dressed as either total nerds or dressed as jocks in celebration for today’s theme. Today’s assembly was not the best of the week’s assemblies, but it was an interesting one nonetheless! Today’s assembly was called “Mathletes Vs. Athletes Trivia”, including trivia style games about Manchester Memorial High School, its history, and subjects taught here.

Today’s trivia games included a “Who Wants to be a Memorialaire” where groups of four freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors go up to answer questions based on the school and its history. This game, of course, was won by the seniors! Aside from all the trivial games that were played today, there was also a dress up competition to find the best dressed nerd and the best dressed jock in each assembly. The winner of the best dressed nerd for the C2 assembly was junior Ben Kelley!

Today’s theme overall was an interesting one, but a good one. Students were donning much of their favorite sports attire as other students were dressed as complete geeks and nerds. The theme had an overall good turnout, and aside from the almost lackluster assembly today, today was a good day for Memorial Week 2016!

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