Clash of the Classes – by Antony Rossi

Today was the Friday before April vacation, so you know what that means! Today’s theme was the annual “Clash of the Classes” where all the freshmen dressed in gray, sophomores in white, juniors wearing all blue, and the seniors were donning all the red they could find in celebration of school spirit! Today’s assembly was unlike any other, one big red, white, and blue (and gray) assembly to see which class is the best of the best among the student body!

During the “Clash of the Classes” assembly today, there were the “MMHS Olympics”, in which students from each class went down to duke it out for the championship, and of course bragging rights. One of the games we played was a version of soccer that Mr. Bailey called ‘crab soccer’. Students pretty much had to play soccer, but while doing the crab walk. The sophomores unfortunately won this game, but the most valuable player among the teams was definitely junior Santiago Rodriguez!

To finish off this assembly, Manchester Memorial High School had each class sing their class chant. The juniors had by far the best chant, which they deemed the ‘Army Chant’. At the end of the day however, we’re all Memorial Crusaders, so we finished off this assembly strong with the classic Memorial cheer with the help of Mr. Perich.

Class day was a successful end to Memorial Week 2016! With all the school spirit this week, it’s hard to believe that some students hate school. Overall, the classes took Memorial Week by storm and, as some would say, “it was lit!” Now all we have to do is wait for Memorial Week 2017 to show off even more crusader spirit!

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