What Annoys Me About the Left – by Jacob Brahm

I am a young, non-religious, bisexual living in a rather blue state. I should be a leftist and a so called “progressive”, yet I can’t stand them. Why? Why is the group that should stand up for me the ones I despise the most?

On the left, they thrive by a perpetuation of false statistics, false narratives, and arguments based off of only emotions and no facts. The left thrives off of turning people into victims then arguing that the only way to end this “oppression” and “discrimination” is an expansion of government power. Take for example the “gender wage gap”, in which the left argues that women are only paid 79 cents on the dollar. Ignoring all of the studies that have come out since the original statistics from the government, their take on the statistic is completely false. There is no wage gap, however, there is an earnings gap. Yes, there is a difference. A woman does not get paid 77 or 79 cents for every dollar a man earns per hour. However, the numbers are reporting earnings, which means a woman earns, at the end of the year, 77 or 79 cents for every dollar a man earns. The earnings take into account choice of career (which men tend to choose higher paying majors, be it because it is in stem or it is more dangerous), hours worked (men work, on average, 8.1 hours a day whereas women work 7.3 hours a day), as well as a variety of variables that do not reflect a systemic problem of sexism in the workplace.

They also like to say that the GOP is bigoted and hates everyone who is not a straight white Christian male. They will say that you can’t be a republican and not straight unless you hate yourself. I am not straight, nor a christian. Yet, I am very involved in republican politics and have faced no issues whatsoever with my sexuality nor my religion or lack thereof, and have received not support necessarily, but support the same way a straight man gets support for his sexuality by people just not caring. That is what someone who ‘supports’ the LGBT community should do, just not care if they’re not straight. They shouldn’t be coddled because their sexuality is different and held up on a pedestal because they’re oh so special. When you hold someone up based off of their sexuality, skin color, gender, religion, or based off of any factors you are saying they are not a person, but just a label, just someone who is nothing more nor less than that thing you hold them up for being. No one should want to be known as a label. The left wants to put everyone into boxes, and anyone who refuses to be in that box of theirs is self-hating and a dissident who should be suppressed, such as women who do not side with feminism nor say they are a feminist are ridiculed for it, told they hate women and have internalized misogyny. The left does not care about specific people, and see everyone as a collective to be nothing more nor less, that is why there is this perpetuation of the “it takes a village” mentality, it strips the individuality of people and forces them to be in the collective.

Speaking of the collective, the left also is inadvertently more racist than the right. This is seen through affirmative action, which is meant to combat discrimination in education by lowering standards for black and hispanic students to get in and even requiring  a certain number of minority students. They say that it is a good program and lifts up minority communities, but it inadvertently suppresses them by saying that they are not as smart and require special treatment to reach the level of white students. By lowering standards to promote more black and hispanic students in school, you have to believe that they are inferior as a prerequisite for it. They also tend to support the welfare state, which is also inherently racist. It props up the issue of single motherhood in families, especially in black families, and promotes birth out of wedlock, which disadvantages the black community as a whole. Famous black economist Thomas Sowell has criticized the welfare society for perpetuating black poverty, and has contributed the destruction of the black family unit to welfare and LBJ’s war on poverty. He has even said something to the effect of ‘The welfare society has done something that not even slavery could do, and that is destroy the black family’. The ‘progressive’ left’s policies meant to help minorities have only created perpetual victimhood and has entrapped them in poverty and destroy the black family, which leads to only more poverty and more crime.

That is why I am a conservative libertarian, because I believe in individual freedom to succeed or fail as an individual, I believe someone is more than a label, and that someone being black, white, hispanic, asian, straight, gay, bi, transgendered, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, whatever they are is irrelevant to who they are and their capability to do something. If you believe that everyone should be respected regardless of any labels that they can not control, and if you believe that individualism and facts are more important than a collective identity and arguments solely based off of logical fallacies, I urge you to reject the ‘progressive’ left and become a republican, libertarian, or conservative.

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