Class of 2018 Election! – by Hamza Shahzad

Every year, the Junior Class holds elections to allow high-spirited and confident individuals to help organize and lead their graduating class. This year is going to be a special year as one of Memorial’s best classes, the Class of 2018, is about to elect the best candidates to lead them through a victorious year.

Class Office includes the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These jobs are meant to help maintain the class in the later years and to bring more spirit to their respective graduating class. All positions, with the exception of Vice President, are determined by the most popular vote, where the VP is the runner up for Class President. For the Class of 2018, the advisor will be Mr. Mitchie, and on this past Tuesday, he explained the details to run for Office.

Some of the rules candidates are faced with when running for Class Office include no slander, no libel, and no sledging. There are also technical requirements to run. This includes needing a 2.0 GPA or higher and having not faced any disciplinary action in Manchester Memorial High School. One strange requirement is that if you are a high-ranking member of NHS, DECA, or Student Council, you may NOT run for Class Office, as you are already in an elected position. Mr. Mitchie explains this by saying it would be confusing if one were to hold an assembly for Student Council, but be a leader in both. Students might be finding themselves asking “Is this assembly for Student Council, or for the Class?” which concerns everyone involved.

This race is going to be novel as candidates have already announced they were running for Office beforehand using social media. One candidate for Secretary, Cameron Beall, even produced a video dedicated to his campaign which can be seen down below! This year’s race will conclude on October 13, 2016.

The Crusader Newspaper will start polling during lunch periods this upcoming Thursday and Friday, along with next Tuesday and Wednesday to see where the candidates are currently ranking amongst the Class of 2018. You can also poll online at our link: Poll for the Class of 2018 Election! Stay tuned for more information by liking The Crusader Newspaper on Facebook and following @thecrusadernews on Twitter!

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