Monday: Mathletes Vs. Athletes! – by Antony Rossi


Today was the “Mathletes Vs. Athletes” theme for Memorial Week 2017! Students were seen throughout the halls of MMHS dressed as either total nerds or dressed as jocks in celebration for today’s theme. Today’s assembly included an outfit competition as always, and also some trivia style games that were a little confusing to the audience. This assembly was hosted by Junior Class President Eric Langley dressed as an athlete and Junior Class VP Jacob Brien dressed as a mathlete.

Today’s trivia games included questions about the school and certain things the school has to offer. As previously stated, aside from the trivial games that were played today, the dress up competition to find the best dressed nerd and the best dressed jock took place in the assembly. The Seniors won this with Nick Sullivan dressed head to toe in his Memorial Baseball gear and Tyler Battista donning what he wears to lift and his real medals from lifting competitions!

Langley and Brien hosted some more sporty games during today’s assembly as well. During the three-legged soccer tourney, we got to see Senior Konner Burke make one of the best saves in three-legged soccer history, while he was attached at the ankle to fellow Senior Hannah Harkins. The assembly finished strong with a game of floor hockey and of course the beloved Memorial chant!

Today’s theme overall was an interesting one, but a good one. Students were donning much of their favorite sports attire as other students were dressed as complete geeks. The theme had an overall good turnout, and was a good start for Memorial Week 2017!

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