Tuesday: Twin Day! – by Antony Rossi

Screenshot_20170419-003439 (1)

Today marked day two of Memorial Week 2017 with the classic theme, “Twin Day” that we all know and love. Students and teachers alike were twinning with each other, donning their twin’s apparel in a celebration of school spirit and today’s theme! Today’s assembly included the annual “Memorial’s Got Talent” in which some very talented Crusaders showed off for a bit in front of the entire school!

This year’s rendition of “Memorial’s Got Talent” showcased arguably the best group of Senior performances for our school’s talent show in recent years. It included three of MMHS’s favorite pianists and singers, Olivia Fink, Tahj Wilkinson, and Noor Deek! The show also featured Senior Brandon Cote’s stellar juggling act that truly had everyone on their feet cheering for each trick he had up his sleeve! All of the performances for this year’s talent show were really amazing and were just a glimpse of the talent Memorial has to offer!

Overall, this year’s “Memorial’s Got Talent” was definitely the best one that I’ve seen while I’ve been here at MMHS! Today’s theme was a blast! Being able to dress up as your friends and vice versa just showed how connected we all are here at Manchester Memorial High School. Tomorrow’s theme is the “Movie Day”, so make sure you’re dressed head to toe as your movie character!

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