Wednesday: Movie Day! – by Antony Rossi


Wednesday marked day three of 2017’s Memorial Week! Today’s theme was a blast: “Movie Day!” Students were dressed up in costumes of their favorite movie characters. One of the most accurate costumes today was Senior Patrick Deary as Ace Ventura. The assembly today was the best assembly I’ve experienced while I’ve been here at Memorial. The assembly featured an array of Star Wars themed activities, including the final battle of a lifetime between “Padawan Dion” and “Darth Lessieur”.

The theme for this day started out specifically as “Star Wars Day”, but as Memorial Week crept closer, the theme evolved into what it was today: “Movie Day.” This was a perfect change for those students who don’t like Star Wars. However, the assembly was still Star Wars themed and was hosted by Mr. Normandin. Today’s assembly was a blast and probably my favorite of all time, especially with a final battle between two of Memorial’s favorite teachers.

There were also two dress up contests for this assembly. One was a Star Wars costume contest and the other was for costumes from any other movies. One of the best costumes was worn by Senior Carla Sykes who dressed up as Rey from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Of course there was a plethora of other games from the assembly and everyone had a great time!

Overall, “Movie Day” was a great success this year and got a lot of people to dress up in as their favorite movie characters. As the third part of Memorial Week 2017, “Movie Day” was a great midweek theme! Hopefully the next few days can be just as amazing as today was!

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