Thursday: Tropical Day! – by Antony Rossi


Today marks day four of Memorial Week 2017! Today’s dress up theme was “Tropical Day” where students would dress up in clothing they would wear to the beach, the tropics, and especially Hawaii. Many brightly colored Hawaiian shirts were seen around the halls of Manchester Memorial High School earlier today as Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors alike celebrated “Tropical Day” of 2017’s Memorial Week.

It was gorgeous out today, much like a day you’d have in the tropics. This was very fitting for today’s theme. The day started out slow but quickly picked up during the assembly, which was basically our Spring Sports Pep Rally.  Students and student athletes competed in tropical games including a very heated limbo competition and an intense hula hoop game between the four classes.

Students throughout the day were seen with as little as a lei or as completely decked out in as much tropical attire as they could put on in celebration of today’s theme. Overall, today was another successful day to 2017’s Memorial Week and we hope to see everyone decked out in their class colors for tomorrow’s assembly: Clash of the Classes!

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