MMHS Free of Charge(ing) – by Zachary Carter

Change is inevitable; many times it’s for the better. Updating technology, social reform, and safety improvements are all examples of good change. But change doesn’t always have a positive result. Sometimes the effect isn’t really negative, but it sure isn’t positive. We have had a recent change here at Memorial, which is of the third…


Fall is Beautiful, but Why? – by Michael Frye

The weather is getting colder. Summer is leaving and winter is coming for a visit. You may like the summer because of school vacation, or you might like the Winter because of the Christmas season. Whatever season you like more, we deal with all of them year round, whether we like it or not.

Apple Playing Catch Up – by Michael Frye

Apple recently hosted their Keynote Press Conference. In this conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook and his staff announced new upgrades to their iPhone, iWatch, and iPad products. Alongside the new iWatch, they announced a new OS system for the device giving it a few more functions, and also announced new straps of leather and other…